International Seed Nutrition Society

Spreading the Story of Seed Science

What is ISNS?

The International Seed Nutrition Society (ISNS) is dedicated to sharing information, understanding and data on seed science with people across the globe. Members of our leadership team have traveled to over 40 countries to bring together an incredible blend of cross-industry specialists and experts on seed nutrition.

Inspired by seeds’ power to improve healthcare, we’re creating new research studies, reviewing journals, sharing our voice through blogs, newsletters, and webinars and working with researchers and doctors to create unique content that educates and informs. We invite you to join us, so together we can bring the story of seed science to people all over the world.

“The Good Seed” App

Loaded with scientifically researched seed nutrition info, “The Good Seed” app is here! We’ve created a library centered around top benefits, wellness, disease, side effects, interactions and dosing, in partnership with world renowned scientist Dr. Christina Rahm Cook. Learn about seeds, oils, herbs, supplements, vitamins and more. Get it while it’s still free! 



Computer and Tablet App:

Membership for only $19.99/year

Learn about all the many member benefits and opportunities that ISNS has to offer. Participate in educational webinars, have access to newsletters and blogs, research trials, journals and new content, plus lots more. We’re bringing all things seed science together in one easy to find place. Get an entire year of membership for only $19.99.

Expert Advice

This is your opportunity to schedule an in-depth, one-on-one conversation with a member of our leadership team of researchers and physicians. If you have a pressing question on seed nutrition, they’re happy to lend and ear and share their wisdom.

Newsletters and Blogs

Every month, our newsletter “ISNS Monthly” comes directly to our members. It’s got the latest seed, plant, and veggie info plus healthy recipes and all the latest research projects, travels and happenings at ISNS. Our blog “Seedlings” gives a personal, insider’s point of view on what’s happening in seed nutrition.  You’ll learn about the seeds that excite us and the many health benefits they have to offer. Written by inspired members of our leadership team, we’ll keep the seed conversation a lively one.

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