As we embark on a season of change and new beginnings, it seems like the perfect time to launch the International Seed Nutrition Society. I have so much passion for this topic, and the opportunity to help nurture and grow ISNS is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.

Throughout 20 years in the healthcare industry and extensive national and international travel, I have personally felt how much seed science can make a difference in the lives of people around the globe. New advancements are encouraging and motivating. The data we are uncovering around genetic conservation, detoxification and regeneration of bodies and environments

proves to me we are track to bring positive change to healthcare. Change that is focused on using our most natural resources to not only combat and prevent disease, but to help truly empower patients with information that can help improve their overall quality of life.

One of the guiding principles of ISNS will be to serve as a source of scientifically relevant data, and to be a platform for ongoing education. We want to encourage open forums of discussion between our members and to provide the kind of environment that makes people feel connected and in-the-know. When new, mind blowing findings come out we not only want to share those findings, we’ll create webinars, round-table discussions and conference seminars designed to educate and inspire.

A way I like to describe the values that will govern ISNS is the 90% rule. The 90% rules refers to the factors that have influenced 90% of the success I’ve experienced throughout my career. These factors include work ethic, strategic execution and dedication to reinvesting in the society.

Work ethic seems pretty obvious, and I’m willing to wager almost all of us have intimate knowledge of the resolve it takes to complete any worthwhile project. In some ways, it’s simpler to brainstorm and prepare a strategy; the actual execution oftentimes requires much greater strain.

But unbridled resolve alone will not realize our goals: strategic execution-based on informed decisions is needed to drive meaningful progress. Strategic execution is extremely important to understand the myriad of factors influencing the healthcare industry before helping to influence that industry.

Finally, the last pillar of the 90% rule originates less from business savvy and more from the perspective of human connection. It’s natural to seek out opportunities to work toward something greater than the self, to strive to belong to something greater. That is goal of ISNS: to engender lasting, practical change in healthcare.

I hope you will join us on the journey we are embarking on. Your membership to ISNS will play a vital role in our society, and will greatly contribute to what we can accomplish together. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and hearing the opinions and ideas that can help further the cause of seed science.

Dr. Christina Cook, Chairman of ISNS

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