The new year has my brain on fire about so many new and exciting things. I want this to be a rejuvenating and exciting time for my friends, family and colleagues across the globe. I want to blow the top off seed nutrition so we can truly help people all over the world. I want to make health and wellness a beacon in 2019.

My excitement has thrust me head long and knee-deep into research mode. The seed that’s currently got my brain fascinated is the red raspberry seed. In fact, I’m about to speak on it in a few days, so consider this a sneak peak!

The red raspberry is a really amazing seed that dates back to the first century. It was gathered in the wild at the foot of Mt. Ida by the people of Troy. By Medieval Times it was on its medicinal journey throughout Europe.

In 2019, we recognize it as the highest whole food source of dietary fiber. Not too shabby! It contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals—-Vitamins C and K, magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. The phytochemical components really interest me because we are uncovering some great in vitro antioxidant properties. Some of these compounds are amazing because of their ability to influence cell signaling pathways and gene expression.

But you know me, I like seeds that really start to dig in and help us fight disease. With Red Raspberry, we are looking at fighting against cancer, CVD, diabetes mellitus, obesity and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. These are serious diseases that affect millions of people throughout the world on a daily basis.

Studies in Nagoya, Japan are also showing us that skin elasticity and hair growth are also being aided by the raspberry ketone. That means we can help people with Alopecia and the aging process. The Medical Journal, Life Science reports there is promise in the anti-obesity action of the raspberry ketone as well as aiding metabolism —- a big benefit for the world’s ongoing battle with weight. From Xinjiang Medical University in China we’re learning about how the polyphenols in red raspberry have potential cardiovascular protective effects as well.

Red raspberry is even catching on in the culinary world. It’s being praised for its versatility as an ingredient and the for its many health and wellness benefits. You can’t walk into a grocery store without seeing shelves of red raspberries. Children are gobbling them up, adults are enjoying them on a more frequent basis and the demand is growing globally.

I feel the red raspberry is doing so much to help us, we should make 2019 the year of the red raspberry! The least we could do is give it a little calendar time.

I hope 2019 brings all our members good health and good food to go along with it. Now pardon me while I do some more digging into the red raspberry —- including the bowl of them on my desk.


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